A Look at Cannabis Capsules

While more and more people are looking to medical cannabis to find relief from a range of ailments, some of those who could benefit the most are put off by certain consumption methods. For some patients, smoking marijuana feels illicit. Fortunately, there are other ways to safely consume cannabis. Cannabis capsules are one of them.

What are Cannabis Capsules?

kynd-cannabis-capsulesAs the name implies, cannabis capsules are pills containing cannabis. They are swallowed for optimal metabolizing. Different capsules will contain different strains and dosages, and the capsule itself makes it easy to dose appropriately. Popping a small capsule is more discreet than firing up a pre-roll. Plus, it avoids the potential side effects of combustion too (and bonus – no odor!). For some patients, smoking will only exacerbate existing conditions, making a capsule an ideal alternative.

KYND cannabis capsules are made with a proprietary formulation of MCT and D-limonene to optimize cannabinoid uptake. Each capsule delivers about 7.75 mgs of activated cannabinoids per dose. That means there is little to no risk of over or under-medicating (a situation more likely when a patient smokes his or her medicine). In fact, our capsules are a wonderful form of micro-dosing because of their low potency. Patients can choose from THC, THCA, CDB, CBDA, 2:1 CBD/THC and 2:1 CBD/THC varieties.

Who Do They Benefit?

Cannabis capsules are ideal for patients looking to ingest their medicine discreetly and safely. Patients looking to micro-dose, first-timer users and anyone in search of an alternative to smoking cannabis stashould also investigate capsules. Cannabis capsules may successfully treat conditions such as:

  • Pain
  • Sleep disorders
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Seizures
  • Arthritis
  • Headaches

kind-cannabis-capsules-cannabis-medicineStudy after study points to the dazzling medical benefits of cannabis. It has been successfully used to treat the symptoms of diseases such as cancer and HIV. The use of cannabis has also been linked to delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s. Another bonus? Unlike prescription drugs, medicinal cannabis lacks the serious side effects of many pharmaceuticals.

So are Capsules Right for You?

Cannabis capsules are an easy way to accurately and safely dose cannabinoids orally. Patients can avoid unnecessary ingredients, such as the sugar likely found in an infused edible, and medicate discreetly and safely with a capsule chosen precisely for their condition. If you’ve been looking for a way to benefit from cannabis without smoking it, capsules may be a good option.

Speak to your budtender about cannabis capsules next time you visit a dispensary, and see if capsules are right for you.

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