Four Ways Cannabis Boosts Productivity

For many, cannabis is intrinsically linked to relaxation, even lethargy. How else would a term like couch-lock crop up? But as cannabis continues its slow, steady march to legality state by state, people are becoming more sophisticated in their use. From medicinal to functional benefits, cannabis isn’t just for relaxing anymore. For you go-getters out there, here’s how cannabis boosts productivity. Read more

Is Your Weed Clean?

If you stop to think about the potential exposure to pesticides and other contaminants that your cannabis had on its journey from seedling to plant to grow room to the nug in your hand, well, it’s a little eye-opening. As a seedling, it could have been in soil fumigated with pesticides. As a plant, it was probably doused with chemicals intended to kill insects and fungus and disease. And in the grow room, it might have been exposed to the chemicals used in pest strips – the ones that tend to stick around in enclosed spaces.

Why does that matter to you? You’re about to fire up all those layers of pesticides, some of which have the bad habit of becoming toxic under combustion.

So how can you be sure your weed is clean? Read more


What’s Better – Smoking or Vaping?

If you think of one thing when consuming cannabis comes up – and it’s smoking – it’s time to learn a little more about vaping. Here’s how vaping works and why it’s a safer, more effective option than lighting all of your premium cannabis on fire. Read more