Cannabis and the DJ

Kynd’s creative ambassadors are a mix of talented folks with varying outlets for their unique brand of imagination and innovation. There’s the amazing Jenn Raley, maker of stunning jewelry, and today we’re bringing you our newest creative ambassador – Jamie Cooper. The former kayak champ turned professional DJ is another piercing arrow in the rapidly-deflating stereotype of cannabis users – and you better believe she loves that. Read more


Cannabis and Lennox-Gastaut – A Kynd Review

Twelve years ago, Tony Alvarez and his wife welcomed a beautiful baby boy. Like many new parents, they celebrated their blessings and looked forward to milestones like school performances, Little League games, weekend barbecues, and family time. But within just a few months of their son’s birth, he was diagnosed with two syndromes that affected his cognitive function. At age seven, he was diagnosed again, this time with an epilepsy disorder called Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, which appears in childhood and presents with random seizures. It was the beginning of a long road of prescription medications that would prove to be as damaging in side effects as they were mixed in success. Read more

Real Talk – Synthetic Cannabis is Bad News

Last week, the focus around here was on clean weed – the stuff that’s been tested in accordance with stringent state regulations to ensure that you’re getting pure, consistent products every time you shop at a Nevada dispensary. As it happens, the folks at our favorite downtown Reno dispensary, Mynt, recently published a post about the dangers of synthetic cannabis, which is kind of the opposite of clean weed. We loved their information so much, we had to take that idea and run with it a bit. Read more