Terpene Spotlight – Pinene

The nose knows – different cannabis strains have amazingly different aromas. And the magical little compound behind that symphony of scents? Terpenes! We’ve previously shined the spotlight on limonene and myrcene, and today we’re talking up one of the most researched terpenes around – pinene. Read more


Infused Apple Recipes for Perfect Fall Flavor

If you’ve been gifted a bag or two of apples fresh off the neighbor’s tree, forget the pie. We looked high and low for some of the tastiest infused apple recipes, and we’ve settled on sharing just two. Start your mornings off right with infused apple cinnamon muffins, and then skip straight to dessert with an infused apple crisp. Either way, you’ll be putting those apples to good use! Read more


Haunted by Stress and Anxiety? There’s a Strain for That.

Forget the candy corn this October. Kynd Cannabis Company has not one but two seasonally on-point strains that will scare away any stress or anxiety haunting you. And it’s not just their names that make Ghost OG and B-Witched perfect for the spookiest time of year. Read more


Four Ways Cannabis Benefits Women

Women face an uphill battle in many aspects of life, and the same is true with the social stigma of cannabis use. That’s especially true for mothers, despite the socially acceptable use of wine for overwhelmed moms. And yet, there is compelling anecdotal evidence and growing substantiations from the medical industry that cannabis actually benefits women. Here are four examples. Read more