How to Sub Cannabis for OTC Pain Relievers

There’s a lot of focus on substituting cannabis for serious drugs like opioids and sleeping pills, or for recreational vices like alcohol. But we’re finding more and more people are substituting cannabis for plain ol’ OTC painkillers like ibuprofen and acetaminophen. If the idea of using cannabis products for things like headaches, fever, joint pain, or minor aches – all of the stuff you’d typically manage with run-of-the-mill pain pills – sounds appealing, here’s what you need to know. Read more


Terpene Spotlight – Caryophyllene (The Spicy One)

Terpenes are amazing compounds found in all kinds of plants and flowers, but caryophyllene is something special. Not only is it on the spicier side, it’s actually bigger on the molecular level than terpenes like limonene and myrcene. It’s also the only known cannabis terpene with a cyclobutane ring – something rare in nature in general. What else sets caryophyllene apart? You’d be surprised. Read more


Four Ways to Try Cannabis if Smoking Isn’t Your Thing

With recreational and medicinal cannabis full steam ahead here in Nevada, more and more people are showing an interest. Many of those people also have no idea how to get started, but they do know they aren’t interested in smoking. And that’s fair. The truth is, there are more health-conscious ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. Here are four ways to try cannabis if smoking isn’t your thing. Read more


Here’s Why You Should Try a Cannabis Topical

If you’re still thinking the benefits of cannabis can only be attained by smoking or eating it, we’re guessing you haven’t yet learned about topicals. As more states legalize cannabis – and as the hemp industry charges full steam ahead with the recent passage of the Farm Bill – creativity is growing and cannabis-infused topicals are getting more and more attention. As well they should! Between their accessibility, safety, and efficacy, here’s why you should try a cannabis topical. Read more


Tackling Pre-Hiring Cannabis Screening in Nevada

Nevada Assemblywoman Dina Neal is sponsoring a bill that would make it illegal for companies to screen potential job candidates because of cannabis in pre-hiring drug tests. Guys. That’s huge! Read more