What is Dabbing?

Maybe you’ve seen dabs on the shelf at the local dispensary, or you’ve heard people talk about dabbing. The word itself may be familiar, but if you’re unclear on the how or why of dabbing, you’re in the right place. Here’s a rundown on dabs and the process of dabbing. Read more


When Less is More – The Benefits of Cannabis Microdosing

The beauty of cannabis is truly in its versatility. Whatever effect you’re chasing – pain relief, sleep, appetite stimulant or suppressant, a pleasingly buzzy high or one that’s exceptionally mellow – there’s a strain, a product, and a consumption method to achieve it. Microdosing is one of them. In an industry that often puts a premium on potency, this consumption method takes a less-is-more approach – literally. Read more


Cannabis Plant Anatomy – A Primer

We spend a lot of time here at KYND thinking about the anatomy of the cannabis plant. For a cultivating company, that makes perfect sense. But we’d argue that anyone who enjoys consuming cannabis should have at least a passing familiarity of the plant. Just like you understand the basics about the sources of your favorite fruits and vegetables. so too should you know a bit about cannabis. It’ll make you a smarter consumer, and it may come in handy at the next trivia night. To that end, here are the basics of cannabis plant anatomy. Read more


3 Must-Try Products for the Cannabis Connoisseur

Last week, we tackled the interesting topic of the cannabis connoisseur – that particularly sophisticated, mature version of the cannabis user. For this cannabis enthusiast, it’s as much about the flavors and aromas as it is about the effects and longevity. In other words, it’s cannabis, all grown up. And we’re here for it. In the spirit of celebrating those of you who are all about a premium stash, here are three must-try products for the cannabis connoisseur. Read more