The Magic of Cannabis-Infused Balms for Chapped Hands

If you’re like most people during this global pandemic, you’re washing your hands pretty much all the time. The CDC is very clear on the importance of washing your hands after being in public places, after sneezing or coughing, and before eating. It adds up to a lot of soap and water on your hands, and the upshot — especially in our dry high desert climate — is excessively dry, cracked, chapped, peeling hands. Ouch. If you’re reaching for standard lotion, it may not be doing much. But a cannabis-infused balm is magic for chapped hands. Read more


Cannabis-Infused Banana Bread is What We All Need Right Now

Nothing says comfort like a freshly-baked loaf of banana bread and these days, we can use all the comfort we can get. Infused banana bread sounds like a delightful accompaniment to last week’s infused tea, so we jumped online for a tried-and-true cannabis infused banana bread recipe. Read, bake, enjoy, and remember — stay home! Read more