Here’s How Cannabis Helps You Focus

Hands up if you’ve ever used cannabis for the focus and motivation you need to hit the gym, finish a painting, or, say, write a blog post. While the research has yet to weigh in — as is often the case when it comes to cannabis — anecdotal evidence abounds. So while we can’t say exactly how cannabis helps you focus, we can make a pretty compelling argument that the inherent properties of this wonder plant open the door to serious productivity. Read more


Going Smokeless — How to Consume Cannabis During the Pandemic

There’s a lot of speculation about COVID-19 these days, and smoking cigarettes has been linked to worse outcomes if you become infected. While no one knows for sure, the safest course of action is probably to avoid introducing any foreign substances into your lungs — cannabis included. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying the benefits of cannabis. Consider it an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and try something new, like an edible, a tincture, or a topical. Read more


Cannabis as Self-Care — Three Products to Try During Self-Isolation

We’re living through a historical moment these days, and it’s taking a toll. Financial worries, concerns about the virus itself, and the act of social-distancing are probably manifesting in some low-level stress and anxiety at the very least. But a little self-care go a long way. And cannabis happens to be an excellent place to start. Get started with cannabis as a form of self care and give these three products a whirl during self-isolation. Read more


Infused Guacamole for a Little Extra this Cinco De Mayo

Self-isolation or not, it’s Cinco de Mayo! It’s a day to celebrate Mexican food, culture, and heritage, even if you’re doing all that celebrating at home. If you’re whipping up some fresh guacamole to go with those margaritas or carne asada tacos, we’re sharing a recipe to kick things up. This infused guacamole is a little extra — in the best way. Read more