4 Benefits of Cannabis for Active Lifestyles

You run, spin, weight lift. Maybe you climb or box. The point is, you lead an active lifestyle. If you didn’t already know, cannabis fits into fitness surprisingly well. Forget the slacker stereotype, and read on for four benefits of cannabis for active lifestyles. Read more

How to Choose a Cannabis Strain for Focus

Dialing in your focus and concentration — the struggle can be real, right? Sometimes it’s hard to put your mind to the task at hand. But good news! Contrary to popular opinion, cannabis isn’t only for slackers and stoners. Actually, some cannabis strains can be exactly what you need to get things done. Here’s how to choose a cannabis strain for focus. Read more


Should we all be Getting Excited about CBG?

We like to stay current on all things cannabis in the news, and breathless new headlines are buzzing about CBG, a cannabinoid that could be the new CBD. Research, as ever, is wildly preliminary, but encouraging and exciting nonetheless. Here’s what we know, and whether it means we should all be getting excited about CBG. Read more


Migraines May Be No Match for Cannabis

We’ve written about cannabis as a treatment for migraine headaches before, and a new study out of the University of New Mexico further supports its validity. The report, “Alleviative effects of cannabis flower on migraine and headache,” outlines how researchers found more than nine out of ten migraine patients reported symptom relief from inhaled cannabis. If you’ve ever had a migraine, you know that’s a big deal. Read more