Three Reasons Sativa is a Stand-Out

Ah, sativa. It’s a cool strain, right? With common descriptions that include jazzy adjectives like “uplifting” and “euphoric,” sativa is known for its ability to make you feel inspired, focused, and creative. Here are three reasons sativa is a stand-out in the world of cannabis. Read more


Give Stress and Anxiety the Boo(t)

Between the pandemic and the election, this is a stressful year. Still, let’s be grateful for small blessings, like Halloween falling on a weekend (finally!) and a pharmaceutical-free way to manage all that stress. We rounded up a few of KYND’s go-to strains and products if you need to give stress and anxiety the boo(t). See what we did there? Read more


All About Full-Spectrum Cannabis Extracts

You’ve probably heard about full-spectrum and broad-spectrum cannabis, but could you identify either in the form of question if you chose “Cannabis for $600, Alex?” In the event you make it to Jeopardy one day, remember this post. Today, we’re talking all about full-spectrum cannabis extracts. Read more


Chapped Skin? Try a Cannabis-Infused Balm

Kicked-up hand washing and crisp temperatures are a recipe for chapped skin. And as October makes itself known, there are other body parts that may be feeling a little dry and sensitive. But put down that bottle of lotion, because there’s a better way. You need to try a cannabis-infused balm. Read more


Surprise — Cannabis Shown to Reduce Opioid Use

A truly staggering 50 million Americans deal with chronic pain — the kind not associated with cancer — and it’s a number that’s clearly contributed to the rapid rise of opioid prescriptions and subsequent addiction. But a recent review looked at nine studies involving 7,222 participants dealing with chronic pain and found that many were able to reduce or even completely eliminate their use of opioids by using cannabis. Surprise! Read more