Here’s Why Everything is Funnier with Cannabis

You’re probably familiar with the giggly stoner stereotype, and there’s actually some merit to this one. Cannabis doesn’t improve your sense of humor, and you won’t suddenly have terrific timing, but there are a few theories in play. Here’s why everything is funnier with cannabis. Read more


Warm Up and De-Stress with these Cannabis-Infused Winter Beverages

Move over, hot chocolate. Take a seat, hot tea (unless it’s this one). In 2020, we could all use a beverage that warms us up and soothes the low-grade anxiety and tension that stem from life during a pandemic. Fortunately, we found two of them. Pick one, make it, and then sip to warm up and de-stress with a cannabis-infused winter beverage. Read more


The Thing about Pre-Rolls

Cannabis pre-rolls — you know, the consumer-ready joint sold at your favorite dispensary — have a reputation. And it’s not good. They’ve been called the hot dog of the industry, because while they may be cheap and convenient, they’re also largely junk. But that’s not always the case. Here’s the thing about pre-rolls Read more


Cannabis-Infused Honey — The Perfect Sweetener

Cannabis infusions are so much fun, and this one in particular is pretty sweet. Cannabis-infused honey is an excellent sweetener than works beautifully mixed into muffins, smoothies, and tea, or drizzled over cheese and nuts. Plus, it’s a snap to make. Here’s how to whip up some cannabis-infused honey. Read more