Ending this Crazy Year on a High

While it’s safe to say that 2020 didn’t exactly go as planned for the world at large, KYND still managed to have its share of highlights over the last twelve months. As we bid adieu to the craziest year on record, we’re taking a minute to end it all on a high. Read more


The Role of Cannabis in Managing Holiday Stress

Ah, the holidays. What a busy, joyful time of year — a time of traditions and pressure, family and fighting, rich foods and bellyaches, gifting and maxed out credit cards. It’s no wonder that so many of us find the holiday season incredibly difficult. And this year truly takes the cake — nothing like a global pandemic to stress you out! Fortunately, while the reality of the coronavirus and the holiday season can’t be denied, there are ways to manage the stress they cause. Let’s take a look at the role of cannabis in managing holiday stress. Read more


Real Talk — Will Cannabis Help me Sleep?

There’s something particularly miserable about insomnia. Life is just harder when you’re running on little to no sleep, and people start getting desperate — which is what drives a thriving industry of pharmaceutical sleep aids. But what about cannabis? Will cannabis help you sleep? A few studies and some robust anecdotal evidence point to yes. Read more


Cannabis is a Secret Weapon Against Chapped Winter Skin

Any beauty website will tell you the secret weapon to glowing skin is hydration. And okay, yeah, that’s true to that some extent. But by the time you’re dealing with dry, itchy, chapped skin, you’re going to need a little more than water to make things right. And that’s when cannabis saves the day. The fact is, cannabis-infused topicals are a secret weapon against chapped winter skin. Here’s why. Read more


Yes, You Can Develop a Cannabis Tolerance

If you have the sneaking suspicion that cannabis isn’t working the way it used to, you’re probably right. The human body is an amazing machine, and it develops tolerances to any number of external influences — cannabis included. Here’s what to know about how and why we can develop a cannabis tolerance. Read more