Three Reasons Your Edible Isn’t Working — And What to Do If It’s Working Too Well

Edibles are a wild frontier of cannabis. With so many variables, flavors, and combinations, they can be hard to resist. But what if you rush home with that tantalizing bar, nom down the recommended dose, and then… nothing happens? Or, on the flip side, what if effects kick in hard and it’s all just too much? Don’t panic. Here are three reasons your edible isn’t working — and what to do if it’s working too well. Read more


Cannabis Tissue Cultures — A New Frontier in Propagation

Tissue cultures are a game changer for cannabis, making old-school propagation methods like seeding or cuttings virtually obsolete. Plus, it means we can regenerate old favorites to their former glory. Here’s what the process involves, why it’s so vastly superior, and what it means for cannabis lovers. Read more


KYND Strain Spotlight: Alien Sour Apple

We shared recently that we really put our heads down and got to work during the pandemic, with all kinds of fruit to show for our effort. Alien Sour Apple is one of them. If you’re a fan of Apple Fritter, allow us to introduce you to its sweet and sour sister strain. Read more


Real Talk — Cannabis in the Bedroom

It’s February, a month when the thoughts of (some) lovers turn to Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re on board for this Hallmark holiday or not, you may have wondered whether cannabis makes a thoughtful gift (yes) and whether it’s the kind of gift that gives back — in the bedroom. Let’s find out! Read more