Strain Spotlight — Mr. Nasty

Nothing brings the KYND team more joy than germinating seeds, finding amazing strains, and Mr. Nasty is no exception. This is a newer strain for us, and guys — it’s a good one. In today’s strain spotlight, we’re highlighting all the things that make Mr. Nasty so rad. Read more


Let’s Talk Infused Pre-Rolls

We’ve written before about the bad rap that pre-rolls have as a category. But that’s slowly changing, and if our infused pre-rolls have anything to do with it, that’ll continue until pre-rolls are the industry’s darling product. If you’ve ever wondered how KYND makes it look so easy, let’s talk infused pre-rolls. Read more


Cannabis Plant 101

At KYND, we spend a lot of time up close and personal with the cannabis plant. That makes sense — we’re cultivators! But we actually think that anyone who enjoys consuming cannabis should have some idea of plant anatomy. You know the basics about your favorites fruits and vegetables, right? Same goes for cannabis. And to help you out, we’re doing a little cannabis plant 101. But don’t worry, we’ll keep it simple.

No Botany Degree Necessary

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Three Reasons Infused Gummies are Everyone’s Favorite Edible

If we asked you to name three cannabis edibles off the top of your head, there’s a really good chance that gummies would be on the list. But… why? What is it about the infused gummy that makes it so darn popular? Here are three reasons infused gummies are everyone’s favorite edible. Read more