You Need this Cannabis-Infused Pesto in Your Life

It’s spring, and we’re jonesing for some sunny days and time outside. And since all that fresh air is going to make us hungry, we’re also looking for fresh spring recipes – infused, of course! We did a little digging for a quick, easy, amazing cannabis-infused recipe, and we’re proud to bring you this one courtesy of the 420 Foodie Club. Trust us – you need this cannabis-infused pesto in your life. Read more


How are Cannabinoids and Terpenes Different?

Terpenes are renowned for the distinctive flavors and aromas they bring to cannabis (and plants in general), but what makes them different from cannabinoids? Read on, and learn.

A Quick Recap

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Debunking The Craziest Myths of 4/20

Whether or not you’re a fan of cannabis, you may still be familiar with April 20 – a sort of national holiday for cannabis culture. Your favorite dispensaries will be running great deals and operating in a general celebration mode, but what about the wild stories behind 4/20? The tales still circulating about the origins of this day are entertaining, to say the least, but what’s true and what’s made up entirely? We’re debunking the craziest myths of 4/20 so you know the real deal.

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Inhaling vs Ingesting vs Applying Cannabis

While most people understand that different cannabis strains will have different effects, not everyone realizes that the same is true of how you choose you to consume. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to dial in on the right consumption method for the effects you’re chasing just by asking yourself a few questions and understanding the differences between inhaling, ingesting, and applying cannabis. Read more