Caffeine & Cannabis: The Scientific Take

Whether or not you’re fan of combining cannabis and caffeine, you may be wondering exactly how these chemicals interact. You’d be right to wonder, since effects of the pair can be all over the map. For some, it’s a pleasing, tasty way to kick things up a notch, while others find it makes them far too jittery for a good time. In this scientific take, we’re talking about what’s really going on with caffeine and cannabis. Read more


Cannabis Consumption Lounges in Nevada — Get Ready!

Wait and you shall receive. Lawmakers in Nevada have approved the cannabis lounge in an effort to give tourists a place to legally consume, among other motivations. And that’s in addition to a bevy of other changes! Here’s what’s coming. Read more


A Lesson in Decarboxylation

Roughly half of the recipes we’ve shared on this site call for decarbed cannabis. And if you’ve ever scratched your head and wondered what that means, this post is for you. Here’s the thing. If you’ve smoked or vaped cannabis even once, congrats—you’ve decarbed and didn’t even know it! This cannabinoid-activation process is worth understanding, so let’s get on with our lesson in decarboxylation. Read more


Cannabis Delivery Method: The Sublingual Effect

KYND’s tinctures have always been a popular product, but sublingual products in general are enjoying a little more attention these days. Part of that relates to their varied forms — you’ve got tabs that dissolve, tinctures with droppers, even sprays that are spritzed. The theme is constant, in that these products are used sublingually, or under the tongue, for one of the fastest-acting intake methods around. Today, we’re taking a closer look at the sublingual effect. Read more

Kynd Pre-Rolls

How to Store Just About Every Kind of Cannabis Product

Proper storage can make or break your cannabis experience, and stashing your stash means understanding the unique needs of each product. Luckily, we’re making it easy with this guide. Here’s how to store just about every kind of cannabis product. Read more