KYND on CannaCribs

We had the very distinct pleasure of being featured on a recent episode of CannaCribs, a platform dedicated to elevating cannabis and growers through deep dives into the operations around the world. Each episode is a seed-to-sale experience that begins with genetics and moves through plant lifecycles into propagation, vegetation, flowering, curing, trimming, and packaging, before wrapping up with a local dispensary visit to buy the finished product. KYND was the star of season’s two eighth episode, and it was pretty cool. Read more


KYND Write-Up at MYNT Dispensary

Our favorite downtown (and north) dispensary, MYNT, is running a new vendor spotlight series, and big news. KYND has the honor of being the very first company profiled. It was an opportunity to tell them allll about ourselves, and well, we’re blushing after reading the whole thing. Read on for a few excerpts, but make sure to jump over and read the post in full. Read more


Three Tips for Choosing the Best Flower Around

There’s something to be said for allll those flower options at your favorite dispensary. But sometimes, endless choices can end up being a little overwhelming, especially if you’re new to cannabis or not really sure what you want. To help you out, we’re sharing three tips for choosing the best flower around. Read more