3 Must-Try Products for the Cannabis Connoisseur

Last week, we tackled the interesting topic of the cannabis connoisseur – that particularly sophisticated, mature version of the cannabis user. For this cannabis enthusiast, it’s as much about the flavors and aromas as it is about the effects and longevity. In other words, it’s cannabis, all grown up. And we’re here for it. In the spirit of celebrating those of you who are all about a premium stash, here are three must-try products for the cannabis connoisseur.


Knowledge is what really sets the cannabis connoisseur apart. From genetics to storage, potency to testing, this is a crowd that knows its stuff. Whether they’re discussing terpenes or waxing poetic about trichomes and the prettiest strains around, the cannabis connoisseur speaks from experience.

Must-try flower for the cannabis connoisseur – Chemdawg

It’s known as the mother of all diesels, and this powerhouse hybrid makes its presence known a mile out. It’s potent, pungent, and famous for its simultaneous cerebral action and heavy-bodied sensations. Chemdawg is not a strain recommended for beginners, but it’s a classic. It’s fitting that KYND cultivates it for the one and only Willie’s Reserve.


The world of concentrates took the cannabis connoisseur to the next level, introducing so many new, interesting, and often highly potent ways to enjoy the benefits and effects of this amazing little plant. Efficacy is a given, and the connoisseur does the research, seeking out cannabinoid ratios, terpene percentages, and dates of harvest, production, and testing. For every desired outcome, there’s a necessary process, and the cannabis connoisseur is all about it. Here at KYND, we love this kind of dedication. Lab-tested, proven, and consistent products are the way to go, and the more people who champion this mindset, the better!

Must-try concentrates for the cannabis connoisseur – Kynd Balm and Kynd Tincture

Topicals are an ideal cannabis product for those who have been consuming for years, but find themselves in need of targeted relief. Our healing salve is a workhorse, addressing skin, muscle, and joint health issues. It’s non-intoxicating and all natural, offering effective pain relief wherever you need it. Cannabis connoisseurs and beginners alike will find it both effective and simple to apply. Pro tip – try it on the temples to ease that pounding headache.

Tinctures are another product suitable for both the tried-and-true cannabis enthusiast and the novice. Sublingual application beneath the tongue is non-intimidating, and precise dosing makes it easy to take what you need – no more, no less. Our Kynd Tincture is available in 100 or 300mg of THC or CBD, as well as a 2:1 CBD-THC ratio – whatever works for you. Either way, it’s the fastest, purest way to find relief.

It’s important to note that many cannabis concentrates are targeted to the experienced user. Potency and elevated THC percentages can make many of these products a little heavy-handed for the novice consumer, but that’s not always the case. The title of cannabis connoisseur, after all, applies to anyone who takes pride in knowledge. It’s about the experience, and that experience doesn’t always mean a head high.

The Real Connoisseur

Awareness about your choice of cannabis product, consumption method, and brand is important, no matter your level of indulgence. Whether you partake daily, weekly, or merely as needed, education and knowledge are key. If the cannabis connoisseur is someone who takes pride in that, we should all strive to earn that title.

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