4 Benefits of Cannabis for Active Lifestyles

You run, spin, weight lift. Maybe you climb or box. The point is, you lead an active lifestyle. If you didn’t already know, cannabis fits into fitness surprisingly well. Forget the slacker stereotype, and read on for four benefits of cannabis for active lifestyles.

Reduces Pain and Inflammation in the Muscles and Joints

While cannabis research remains woefully limited, the clinical data we do have links CBD to a reduction in inflammation. That’s what it makes it effective for a range of ailments, and that’s why it’s ideal for soothing aching muscles and joints. We recommend rubbing in a topical like our own Kynd Balm for targeted recovery, or downing something like our Kynd Tincture for a full-body effect.

Both tinctures and topicals will alleviate pain, too. That makes cannabis an appealing alternative to OTC and prescription medications, which tend to have laundry lists of alarming side effects.

Reduces Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms can be a debilitating side effect of some diseases, but they affect athletes too. And studies in rodents have linked cannabis with muscle recovery and a reduction in muscle spasms. There’s some anecdotal evidence to support this idea as well.

Improves Focus

Using cannabis in the gym can help you feel motivated and focused. Sometimes, the hardest part of a workout is just summoning the drive to make it happen, and cannabis can be the motivator you need to get after it.

Better Sleep

Changes happen during the recovery phase, and that means deep, restorative sleep is imperative. CBD can help decrease stress and anxiety and help you unwind for a good night’s sleep. That makes it a good alternative to traditional sleep medications, which can quickly become habit forming.

One Caveat

There are many ways to consume cannabis, but fair warning — smoking anything, including cannabis, will impair athletic performance. If your goal is faster recovery, better sleep, fewer annoying muscle spasms, and helping those aching muscles feel better, cannabis can help. Ask your favorite budtender for a product recommendation, and be clear that you’re looking for something that will complement your active lifestyle.

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