4 Things to Know about Cannabis Concentrates

For many, thinking about cannabis brings to mind the flower itself. But cannabis concentrates are hitting their stride in a big way. Still, their unfamiliarity means concentrates can be a little intimidating to some people . The good news? A little education goes a long way. Here are four things to know about cannabis concentrates.

1. It’s an Umbrella Term

The word “concentrates” is a catch-all that describes all kind of different cannabis extracts. Within the world of concentrates, there are a number of different names for different kinds of extracts – monikers like crumble, sap, shatter, and sugar. To make things more confusing, some of these are the same thing – they just go by different names.

A few quick notes about concentrates. Consistency can vary widely, and a name can be an indication of what to expect. Different solvent preferences (CO2, heat, alcohol, hydrocarbons, etc.) and consumption methods can help you narrow down your choices if you’re investigating concentrates.

2. They’re More Potent

The name itself is a big clue about the potency differences between flower and concentrates. The latter is, after all, a concentrated form of cannabis. Percentages of THC are significantly higher – in the 50 to 80% range, and even up to the 90s – so not all concentrates make for an appropriate starting point for new users. However, a CBD-rich concentrate, like Kynd’s 300mg CBD tincture, could be ideal, depending on the effects you want. Opting for a high concentration of CBD is an effective alternative to OTC pain killers.

3. Consumption Methods Vary

Cannabis flower is pretty straightforward in terms of consumption. That’s not the case with concentrates, which can be taken by a variety of methods – ingestible oils, sublingual tinctures, dabs, hash, and vapes. Some of these are taken orally, while others are used with specific equipment (dab rigs, disposable vape pens, which are a non-intimidating, entry-level option without the drawbacks of smoking). The point is, you have options.

4. Flavor May Not Be As Impressive

Concentrates have a lot going for them, but flavor isn’t always as impressive as it with flower. That’s because some concentrates lose flavor and aroma during the extraction process. Terpenes, those fragrant oils that give flowers their unique smells and flavors, are delicate compounds and the extraction process can’t always preserve them. Still, there are workarounds. Some cultivators re-introduce terpenes after extraction, which can create surprisingly flavorful concentrates.

Now, here’s the thing. In addition to cultivators adding cannabis-derived terpenes post-extraction, you can also find companies using inferior food-grade terpenes to mimic different cannabis strains. At KYND, we do neither. Our CO2 extraction process doesn’t separate cannabinoids from terpenes. Instead, it makes a highly concentrated product that is then separated from the plant’s fats, waxes, and any colors. Residual solvents are also removed, and the result is a flavorful, potent, purified product. Pretty cool, right?

Getting Started

If you’re interested in exploring cannabis concentrates, ask your favorite budtender for a recommendation. Have an idea of the effects you’re after and consumption methods you’re open to exploring, and then be ready for good ol’ trial and error. There’s a whole world of concentrates out there – happy exploring!

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