710 isn’t Just about Dabbing Anymore

The 7/10 holiday — you know, OIL upside down and backwards — has a hazy origin story but it’s generally agreed that by 2013, it was linked to dabbing. In the years since, it’s become heavily commercialized, for better or for worse, and the focus is on oil. But times, they are a-changing. And these days, 710 is a chance to celebrate not just resin and dabs, but the bigger, broader world of cannabis extracts in all their creative, amazing glory. Today, we’re highlighting three kinds of extracts that deserve a little recognition.

Cannabis Tinctures

The tincture is a versatile powerhouse suitable for microdosing or addressing all kinds of maladies. As a sublingual, cannabis tincture offer incredibly rapid onset, and with a range of cannabinoid varieties, you can find a tincture that will offer exactly the effects you’re after. If that means you need a little help getting to sleep, kickstarting your appetite, managing pain, nausea or anxiety, or reducing seizures, a tincture could be the way to go.

Cannabis Topicals

Sore muscles? Joint tension? Menstrual cramps? Irritated skin? Headaches? A good topical offers targeted pain relief, so rub it in wherever you need a little soothing. The cannabinoids in the KYND balm don’t make their way into the bloodstream, so you neatly sidestep the cerebral high that comes from smoking cannabis. A topical offers the therapeutic benefits of cannabis when you’re in pain but need to keep your head in the game. With the uptick in hand washing during the pandemic, we’re finding our balm a lifesaver for sore, chapped knuckles!

Cannabis Edibles

Extraction-based edibles are known for serious consistency, which is a big deal. Cannabis edibles can be tricky to dose properly and effects can vary — even from the same company. Making edibles from extracts means a higher level of control and uniformity. That can be a really good thing if you’re relying on an edible for something specific.

Cannabis Dabs

We couldn’t write about 710 without touching on dabs! These highly concentrated, uber potent cannabis extracts are bursting with THC and terpenes — no training wheels here. We’re talking near instantaneous results that are seriously intense, making dabbing a good option for medicinal patients in need of major pain relief or the cannabis connoisseur who knows exactly what he or she is doing.

The Takeaway

The cannabis world is evolving, with extractions representing an incredible new frontier. And things are moving fast. We’re proud of the KYND line of concentrates, and we’ll take this opportunity to direct your attention to KANJI. We partner to bring all your favorite KYND strains to effective, delicious extract form, and it’s working out well. As we celebrate 710, let’s broaden our horizons a bit and tip our hats to extractions as a whole — this stuff is a game changer!

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