A Little Update on Kynd Athlete Ambassador Teal Stetson-Lee

We love checking in with our amazing ambassadors. Recently, we managed to pin down Teal Stetson-Lee and wrangle a quick update on her comings and goings. It’s been a busy season already, but this one is a little different. Instead of race after race after race, Teal’s focus has shifted slightly to include all kinds of events.

teal-stetson-leeFrom Chile to California

“In June, I did three presentations for Patagonia at headquarters in Ventura, the store in Santa Monica and the store in Santa Cruz,” shares Teal. “They were all very well attended. I presented about mountain bike culture in Chile in conjunction with a cool Patagonia mountain bike film that’s on tour called ‘Life of Pie’ about a two women who started a pizza restaurant in Fruita, Colorado, that has grown from the blossoming mountain bike culture in their town.”

Check out the film trailer here.

kynd-cannabis-company-teal-stetson-leeOf course, you can’t keep this girl away from her bike for long. “Coming up, I’m putting on a mountain bike event called The Downieville Classic the first weekend of August. The first week of September, I’ll be doing a video project with Leatt, my race clothing and protective equipment sponsor, to discuss my transitioning, evolving career as a professional racer and at the end of September I’m putting on the Grinduro Gravel Grinder bike race.”

One of the things we’ve long admired about Teal is her great mind. Sure, she tears it up on the trail, but she can also speak intelligently and movingly about not only mountain biking culture, as clearly evidenced above, but cannabis. We couldn’t be prouder to have her representing the KYND brand. After all, she’s really living it.

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