A Review of Kynd’s CBD Tincture

As a content writer, I’m no stranger to neck tension. No matter how committed I am to maintaining good posture, using an elevated workspace, taking breaks, and downing all the water, the muscles and ligaments in the back of my neck and along my shoulders often start to tighten by the end of the day. On bad days, that tension turns into a headache, and that’s when I reach for the ibuprofen. Until the day I decided to try Kynd’s CBD tincture instead. Hilariously, it felt like a crazy leap of faith at the time. Now I just wonder what took me so long.

The Cannabis Novice

Aside from the standard high school experimentation – some twenty years ago now – my cannabis use was nonexistent. And as a busy mom of four, I was a little freaked out by the idea of using a product with any THC percentage. Even as I was researching and writing articles for the Kynd blog, even as I interviewed successful, functional people about their own cannabis use, even as I was voicing my own opinions about the many benefits of cannabis, I was still hesitant to try it myself.

reno-freelance-writer-jessica-timmonsRecreationally, I have no interest. I’m not a big fan of altered states, so there’s little appeal there. But on the medicinal side, the tincture was sounding more and more intriguing. By nature, I veer toward the organic, minimally processed lane, and besides the occasional ibuprofen and some vitamin D, I take zero medications. On paper, the tincture beat the ibuprofen handily, from its origin to the production process to the body’s built-in endocannabinoid system. It’s been said before – there’s no endo-ibuprofen system, and that’s probably telling us something.

Once I’d cleared that mental hurdle, the next step was actually getting my hands on the tincture. And then, a new creative ambassador interview was fortuitously scheduled at Mynt North. For some reason, the idea of going into a dispensary specifically to buy a cannabis product seemed intimidating. But going in for work was no big deal, and once I was there, I was determined to see this purchase through.

The unnecessary drama of that kind of build-up was instantly clear to me the moment we moved from the conference room to the actual dispensary. One of Kynd’s ambassadors describes it as a medical office, and that’s true. It’s like an upscale pharmacy with knowledgeable, friendly staff and no pressure of any kind. You present your dilemma, and they offer solutions. My budtender, David, asked – tactfully and with kindness – about my cannabis history and what I was looking for, and once we zeroed in on the tincture, he explained my options. He was patient and thorough, walking me through the process and what I could expect in terms of effects. It was really no big deal – I’m not sure what I was expecting, but the whole thing felt very low key and professional.

Initial Impressions

Early that afternoon, I could feel the beginnings of a headache creeping up. Now I had the tincture, but with a few hours of after school pick-up and sports drop-off looming, I wanted to wait to try it. David had cautioned me that I could feel a bit of euphoria given my low tolerance levels, and he suggested I wait until an evening when I had nothing going on to try it out for the first time. So I pushed through the day, headache growing, guzzling water and avoiding the ibuprofen until I could give this tincture a shot.

I used the dropper to measure out the smallest dose – a scant .25mg. It smells just like cannabis, but the flavor is surprisingly mild. I held it under my tongue for a minute or so and swallowed, and again, the whole thing seemed really benign. Then I waited. I was hyper aware of my tight neck and my throbbing temples, and because a watched pot never boils, I went off to fold some laundry.

While I sorted and folded and stacked, I felt a gradual loosening that started near the top of my head. It worked its way down, relieving the ache and the tension, until I felt … nothing. No more pain. No crazy euphoria. No munchies. No giggles. Just totally, completely normal. Good normal.

It took about fifteen minutes, and it’s probably the first time I’ve ever resolved a headache without popping a pill. Historically for me, toughing out a headache never works. It just gets worse, and that’s despite every single homeopathic/essential oil/warm compress/cold pack trick in the book.

And… Sold

So that’s it. I’m a complete convert. I’ve used the tincture as needed since then, to mediate the pain after a crazy leg day at the gym, to ward off another headache, and after I jammed my index finger and it swelled up like a balloon. I honestly cannot believe how dramatic and yet benign are the effects of Kynd’s 300mg CBD tincture. I don’t feel in any way medicated. I just feel like my best, pain-free self.

If you’re on the fence about cannabis in general, the tincture is the place to start. Step away from the OTC painkillers and their laundry list of truly alarming side effects, and address your pain in a healthy, effective way. Just don’t wait as long as I did to do it.