A Sublingual Cannabis How-To

Cannabis comes in many delightful forms, and tinctures are one of them. But while usage seems pretty straightforward—just use that dropper to dispense a standard dose, right?—there’s a trick to sublingual cannabis products that seems to escape a lot of people. To remedy that, KYND Cannabis here in Nevada is sharing this sublingual cannabis how-to.

The World of Sublingual Cannabis

Many of us think “sublingual cannabis” and picture an oil. But it actually comes in tablets, lozenges, sprays, even dissolvable tabs. That versatility directly contributes to their popularity, which makes a lot of sense. Here at KYND, we stick to the tried-and-true infused tincture in a few varieties. And like all sublinguals, users enjoy the convenience, rapid onset of effects, and ease of use. If you’re a fan of microdosing, this is the consumption method for you.

Dosing is always important when you’re using a cannabis product, but administration is particularly crucial with sublinguals. If you don’t do it properly, you won’t get nearly as much efficacy.

Subligual products are absorbed into the mucous membrane beneath the tongue. It’s a wildly permeable membrane, which means active ingredients are delivered directly into the bloodstream. By bypassing the digestive system, you’re opting for a far speedier process with more predictable results. Note that sublinguals are largely considered a needle-free way to administer things like pharmaceuticals and vaccines—they aren’t unique to cannabis products. Instead, our industry is benefiting from the advantages this delivery method offers.

Best Practices

Before taking a sublingual dose, try to swallow all the saliva in your mouth. Swallowing the dose means the cannabis will end up metabolized in the digestive system, which is another experience entirely (and it takes much, much longer).

The key to successfully consuming sublinguals is to apply it beneath your tongue and then hold it there until it’s fully absorbed. That can be easier said than done—sometimes, it takes up to ten minutes for the sublingual to completely absorb and disappear. So here’s a little workaround. Sublingual products can be held in the inside of the cheek with nearly identical effects in what’s known as buccal adminstration. This tactic isn’t particularly helpful for an oil, maybe, but if you’re using a tablet or lozenge, it could be a good option.

Either way, the idea is absorption through the membranes in your mouth, and that takes a little time. Afterward, avoid eating or drinking anything for ten minutes or so. And that’s it! Happy dosing.

Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.

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