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Cannabis in the Morning

Waking and baking is a morning ritual for a lot of people — close to one quarter of all U.S. cannabis consumers indulge within the first ten minutes of their day, according to a 2017 Global Drug Survey. And there may be something to it, even if you prefer to avoid intoxication first thing in […]

Cannabis Topicals for All

Cannabis consumption has come a long way. Sure, you can still smoke it, but tinctures, vapes, and sophisticated chocolates have changed the industry for good. Topicals are another method of consumption that deserve attention. The cannabis topical is a safe, accessible, and effective way to enjoy targeted relief from pain and inflammation, and all without […]

What is Dabbing?

Maybe you’ve seen dabs on the shelf at the local dispensary, or you’ve heard people talk about dabbing. The word itself may be familiar, but if you’re unclear on the how or why of dabbing, you’re in the right place. Here’s a rundown on dabs and the process of dabbing.