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710 isn’t Just about Dabbing Anymore

The 7/10 holiday — you know, OIL upside down and backwards — has a hazy origin story but it’s generally agreed that by 2013, it was linked to dabbing. In the years since, it’s become heavily commercialized, for better or for worse, and the focus is on oil. But times, they are a-changing. And these […]

Three Truths about Cannabis

We’ve long taken the stance that education is the key to shattering persistent and damaging myths about cannabis. People are naturally fearful or dismissive of that which they don’t understand, and from policymakers to scientists to citizens, education matters. If we had the country’s undivided attention for just a minute to share a little information […]

Why Cannabutter is the Secret Ingredient Your Food Needs

We love sharing recipes around these parts, and cannabutter tends to make an appearance in them. That’s because it’s a wonderfully versatile ingredient that can enhance any dish calling for butter. The key, of course, is understanding how to properly prepare cannabutter. Here’s how to do that, and why cannabutter is the secret ingredient your […]

Why Cannabis May Be A Better Option than Pharmaceuticals for Anxiety During the Pandemic

In news that will surprise no one, Americans turned en masse to pharmaceuticals during the COVID-19 pandemic in a bid to deal with skyrocketing anxiety. The numbers are pretty sobering, particularly because anxiety medications have been on a downward spiral over the last five years. Here’s why cannabis may be a better option than pharmaceuticals […]