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Amazon Hops on the Cannabis Train

Well, kind of. Amazon just announced that it has significantly relaxed its screening policies for cannabis and is actively lobbying for legislative reform that will decriminalize cannabis at the federal level. Is it because the tech giant ultimately wants to sell cannabis itself? Maybe. But the more pressing motivation is upping its workforce.

Can Cannabis Fix Insomnia?

In bad but unsurprising news, we’re experiencing record-high sleep issues during this never-ending pandemic. And more people than ever are looking online in hopes of finding relief, with web searches for insomnia up 58% during the first five months of 2020. People are struggling with falling asleep, staying asleep, poor quality of sleep, and disturbing […]

A Sublingual Cannabis How-To

Cannabis comes in many delightful forms, and tinctures are one of them. But while usage seems pretty straightforward—just use that dropper to dispense a standard dose, right?—there’s a trick to sublingual cannabis products that seems to escape a lot of people. To remedy that, KYND Cannabis here in Nevada is sharing this sublingual cannabis how-to.

KYND on CannaCribs

We had the very distinct pleasure of being featured on a recent episode of CannaCribs, a platform dedicated to elevating cannabis and growers through deep dives into the operations around the world. Each episode is a seed-to-sale experience that begins with genetics and moves through plant lifecycles into propagation, vegetation, flowering, curing, trimming, and packaging, […]

A Lesson in Decarboxylation

Roughly half of the recipes we’ve shared on this site call for decarbed cannabis. And if you’ve ever scratched your head and wondered what that means, this post is for you. Here’s the thing. If you’ve smoked or vaped cannabis even once, congrats—you’ve decarbed and didn’t even know it! This cannabinoid-activation process is worth understanding, […]