Best Practices for Cannabis and Wine Pairings

You’ve probably heard stories from friends who indulged in cannabis and alcohol at the same time, with hilariously awful results. But for some people, cannabis and wine pairings are as tantalizing and enjoyable as the more classic wine and cheese combo. And if you think about it, that makes sense. Both cannabis and wine are fragrant and flavorful, and combining them appropriately can enhance those characteristics and hone your senses. But before you fire one up and open that bottle, read on for a few cannabis-and-wine-pairing best practices.

Set the Scene

This kind of experiment is best done in a relaxed, safe environment — a few close friends, a long, lazy evening ahead, safe drivers and/or places to crash. Be responsible and set yourself up in the right setting so you can get the most out of the experience.

How to Begin

In general, both cannabis and alcohol are downers. So think about what you’re trying to achieve with the pairings. Do you want to pair a favorite wine with a hybrid or sativa strain for a buzzy, uplifting, giddy good time? Are you looking to seriously relax with a really great red and an indica? If you have an idea of the effects you’d like, an experienced budtender can steer you toward the right strains, so don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions. And as you enjoy, remember to engage on multiple levels with multiple senses — spend some time breathing in and evaluating the aroma of both the cannabis and the wine. When you smoke or sip, savor the experience and try to identify the flavors. What works together well, and what seems to clash? Like all things cannabis, this will involve some trial and error and a whole lot of personal preference. And that’s part of the fun. 

As Always…

Slow is the name of the game. The experience itself is, well, the experience — you aren’t rushing to some final destination, but enjoying the aromas and flavors and sensations. And remember, mixing cannabis and wine is going to create a serious cerebral and body effect, so take it slow and respect your limits.

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