Cannabis 101: Proper Cannabis Storage

When you pay for high-quality cannabis products, you want to keep them, well, high quality. And the best way to do that is with proper storage. Learn about the three main culprits of cannabis degradation, and how you can store your cannabis products to keep them fresh for months.

Three Culprits of Cannabis Degradation

There are three big causes of cannabis degradation, and avoiding them is the best way to keep your products potent, flavorful and long lasting.

  • Light – UV rays break down the cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis, which negatively effects its potency.
  • Air – Especially in our dry northern Nevada climate, exposure to air will dry out your cannabis, causing it to lose its flavor and making for a harsh burn if you’re smoking it.
  • Moisture – Mold and certain bacteria thrive in dark, damp environments. If you’re storing your cannabis something dank, you could have problems.

Common Storage Methods – And Why They’re a Problem

It’s not uncommon for people to store their cannabis in plastic bags, in the fridge or freezer, or near electronic devices. Bad news – these are all spots likely to dry out your products. What’s more, none of these places block a child’s access to these products – and that’s a problem.

  • Plastic bags (even the heavy duty ones) can’t effectively preserve flavor, but here’s the real issue. Household plastic bags likely have a static charge, which can attract trichomes. This is where the cannabinoids and terpenes are made – the most potent part of the plant – and you don’t want to lose them.
  • Storage in the fridge or freezer may seem smart, but because the doors are opening and closing regularly, you can’t effectively control the interior temperature. Plus, freezing cannabis makes it easy for trichomes to break off.
  • Electronic devices like computers, televisions, even the top of the refrigerator, all emit heat. Stashing your stash here is a way to dry it out – fast.

kynd-cannabis-company-sour-dieselThe Best Way to Store Cannabis

Impermeable containers that are kept in a cool, dry, dark place are the ideal spot for cannabis. Here in Nevada, all cannabis dispensaries are required to both sell and keep in inventory lockable storage options like these Funksacs. Plus, dispensaries must provide childproof bags, known as exit bags, to patrons leaving the dispensary. If none of the following are available to you, or you can’t safely use these options because of children in your home, an exit bag is the smartest option for storing your cannabis. If you do have a small safe or lockable container, that’s a great option.

  • Glass containers with tight-fitting lids are a good option, particularly if they’ll fit inside your lockable container or safe. Just make sure that you’re using the right sized jar for the job – you don’t want to overfill it, but neither do you want to store a small amount in a huge jar (too much air). If you can find dark-colored glass, all the better.
  • Storing your cannabis out of sunlight will protect it from UV rays. Put it in a lockable cabinet or safe and keep it out of the light.
  • But make sure it’s somewhere dry. Here in northern Nevada, we don’t have to deal with coastal humidity. But there are still humid places in the home, so avoid places like the medicine cabinet in your bathroom. if you’re really concerned, you can invest in a cannabis humidor, a device that will keep your products in a dark, humidity-controlled environment.

Safety First

Proper storage always needs to take into consideration the safety of those in your home. Wherever you store your cannabis, it should be somewhere out of reach of any children.

And one last tip – make sure to properly store your cannabis immediately after consumption. It only takes a minute to seal it up and put it away, and you’ll not only ensure that your products are potent and flavorful the next time you need them, but that they’re out of the reach of children and minors. Be responsible, be smart, and keep that high-quality cannabis as effective as the day you bought it.

Must be 21. Keep out of reach of children.