Cannabis 101: Regular vs Infused Pre-Rolls

A pre-roll is a patient or recreational consumer-ready joint that comes ready to smoke. Because joints are relatively inexpensive, discreet, disposable and easy to share, they’ve earned a sort of iconic status in the world of cannabis. So what’s the catch? Rolling one can be tricky! Here at Kynd Cannabis Company, we’re proud to offer regular and infused pre-rolls. Read on to learn what sets the two products apart, and why you can be certain that Kynd pre-rolls are always high quality.

Busting the Misconception

Pre-rolls have, unfortunately, earned a reputation as junk, a beautifully rolled collection of low-quality shake or trim. That may be true in some markets and from some cultivation/production facilities, but not here. Kynd pre-rolls – both regular and infused – are made with premium flower.

Each pre-roll is individually rolled and weighed for a consistent and reliable product. Kynd uses natural, unrefined cones from RAW, and each pre-roll is heat sealed to preserve freshness. That’s a critical last step, as there’s more surface area in ground cannabis, which means it will oxide and dry out faster, resulting in harsher yet weaker effects. Compare it to coffee – the coffee grounds are much faster to dry out than the bean form.

Regular vs Infused Pre-Rolls – What’s the Difference?

The regular pre-roll is an expertly rolled product with our premium flower. The infused pre-roll is the same, with the addition of same-strain CO2 oil, which is thoroughly mixed with the flower for an incredibly potent product. Our infused pre-rolls are offered in our most popular strains, including CBD and THC blends. We also mix all of our THC flower strains with CBD oil for the additional healing benefits.

The biggest difference is in their potency. In fact, we don’t recommend our premium infused pre-rolls for the novice cannabis user. If you’re trying the infused pre-roll for the first time, we advise that you start slowly with a single puff or pull and wait for effects to begin before smoking more.

And Here’s a Tip

If you’re on the fence about a certain pre-roll, you have a few options. Ask your bud tender for a recommendation, or consider buying a single just for research purposes. You can either cut it open to inspect the interior – which should look like freshly ground nugs – or just pay close attention when you smoke it. If you smell like a campfire or pick up strong plant flavors, there’s probably trim in the mix, and that’s a compromise on quality.

Here’s a better idea – skip the research and go with a Kynd pre-roll for high quality every time.