Cannabis and NF – A Patient’s Story

Kynd Cannabis Company got its start crafting premium cannabis products intended to benefit medical patients in need of therapeutic alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals. And while we’ve branched into concentrations for adult-use needs and interests, we continue to proudly develop the medicines so many people need. That’s why we love hearing stories like the one shared by Chris Tennier. Her son, Dillon, has a genetic disorder called neurofibromatosis (NF). Here’s how cannabis has helped.

What is NF?

NF is a genetic disorder impacting the nervous system. It affects the formation and growth of nerve cells, causing tumors to develop in the brain, and on the spinal cord and nerves. Fewer than 20,000 cases are diagnosed in the US every year, and the condition can be exceedingly painful. The tumors can be disfiguring and difficult to remove.

“Dillon has several tumors in his legs and his brain,” explains his mother, Chris. “We learned in 2013 that Dillon has a tumor in the cerebellum that is different from his other tumors. It’s called a low grade glioma, which a brain tumor that is slow growing but falls in to the category of a cancerous tumor.”

Chris spent several months reading about the benefits of CBD for children with NF. “My husband and I wanted to do anything we could as to Dillon’s first MRI showed a small amount of contrast,” which appears when there is cancerous activity, Chris says.

Based on the first scan’s results, Dillon’s neurosurgeon decided to re-scan three months later to check for growth or additional contrast, both of which would require a decision on treatment – brain surgery and possibly chemotherapy. In the meantime, the family turned to CBD. “We had several recommendations for the KYND products because they were high quality,” says Chris. “We started giving doses to Dillon based off what we read online.”

The results were immediately impressive. Dillon began sleeping better, and he had less anxiety. He had struggled with chronic headaches spanning up to four days in length, and the CBD improved this issue too. But the most significant result was still to come.

“We did the repeat MRI three months later,” Chris says, “and there was no contrast and his tumor had shrunk! The neurosurgeon was very pleased and felt we would scan again in three months. We continued with the CBD tincture and again the next scan was even better, so scans were changed to every six months!”

The family breathed a collective sigh of relief. “I have to admit we started skipping doses due to sleepovers and maybe a little over confidence on our part,” Chris says. “His next scan has some small growth and a little flicker of contrast. We got back on track and made sure he didn’t miss any doses. I am happy to say our last scan was a few weeks ago and the neurosurgeon said the tumor looks the best he has seen yet!”

Based on Dillon’s progress, the doctor recommended graduating from an MRI every six months to once a year, which was wonderful news for the whole family.

Using KYND’s CBD tincture impacted Dillon in other ways too. He used to take OTC migraine medications for his devastating headaches. “But since his headaches have improved tremendously since starting regular CBD oil, he rarely needs migraine meds,” explains Chris.

From One Family to Another

Cannabis has played a dramatic role in improving Dillon’s quality of life, and the family as a whole is so grateful for taking a chance. “I would love other parents in my situation to know that there isn’t the stigma or the judgment I thought there would be when you choose alternative treatment – especially one that has the label of ‘weed’ attached to it,” says Chris. “I’ve learned a lot and met a ton of other parents with special needs kids who have success stories just like us. I’m so glad we made the decision we did. We are so grateful for the KYND products, they have given us hope and a feeling of control in one of the scariest, most heart-wrenching situations of my life.”

To Dillon and the whole Tennier family, we’re so happy that our tincture is proving so effective. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

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