Cannabis and the DJ

Kynd’s creative ambassadors are a mix of talented folks with varying outlets for their unique brand of imagination and innovation. There’s the amazing Jenn Raley, maker of stunning jewelry, and today we’re bringing you our newest creative ambassador – Jamie Cooper. The former kayak champ turned professional DJ is another piercing arrow in the rapidly-deflating stereotype of cannabis users – and you better believe she loves that.

kynd-cannabis-creative-ambassador-dj-miss-cooperEnergetic, personable and thoroughly likable, Jamie – that’s DJ Miss Cooper to you – is exactly the kind of person you want on the mic. She’s the fit blonde dropping the beat at shows and festivals all over Nevada and California, playing with tempo and pitch to whip the crowd into just the right kind of frenzy for the occasion. And while reading the room is one of those innate things, preparing for these events takes a little time and work. And cannabis? Well, that’s proving to be both a creative boost and a natural pain reliever for Jamie.

“Cannabis helps in so many different ways,” she explains earnestly, hands gesturing and long, pink braids from her wild Burning Man 2018 ’do swinging. “If I’m putting music together and dealing with all kinds of new tracks with a big set coming up, I like to prepare. It really helps me focus and get in the zone. I get in the flow so much faster.”

And then there are the side effects of Jamie’s line of work.

“Staring at a computer screen for so long, you start to get headaches,” she explains, “and it really makes a difference. I also get migraines, and the balm has been absolutely incredible. Just a little here on my temples helps so much.”

As she talks, she’s on her feet, and it’s clear that this girl doesn’t do much sitting around. At 22, Jamie was the U.S. female champ in freestyle paddling. These days, she bounces between snowboarding, mountain biking, rock climbing, and spinning those records – not the kind of person that comes to mind when you think about the stereotypical lazy stoner, something of which Jamie is keenly aware.

“I want to promote cannabis on many levels,” she says. “Other than being a DJ, I was also a professional athlete, I have a college degree, I’ve traveled all over the world. I was the US national champ for freestyle, and even during that time, I was a cannabis user.”

It’s admissions like this that poke holes in the fabric of so many long-held misconceptions about cannabis – it’s a gateway drug, it’s for troublemakers, it makes you lazy, it makes you dumb. None of that is true, and people like Jamie are brave enough to stand up and say so.

“There’s been this stigma on cannabis for so many years that it’s a bad thing,” she says. “And it’s not a bad thing, it’s wonderful! There are so many different ways for people to use it, you don’t have to just smoke it, and it’s so medicinal, and I really want to get that message out there to people.”

Her takeaway is simple.

“You can be a professional in every aspect of your life, and you can be a cannabis user,” Jamie says. And the thing is, she’s living proof of that.

For more about Jamie, check out her Instagram account, @djmisscooper.