Cannabis & The Gypsy Getaway Wagons

Cannabis may well be legal here in Nevada, both medicinally and recreationally, but this is an industry that’s still just truly beginning to unfold. As the legal framework continues developing, local businesses are navigating these new laws in real time and making up rules as they go. Many local companies opt for a strict no-cannabis policy, assuming it’s the easiest, safest option. And then there are those who see the potential in a far more liberal approach.

Jeff Deming is one of them.

gypsy-wagon-kynd-cannabis-companyThe owner of Gypsy Getaway Wagons – cozy, colorful, handcrafted wagons that are at once nostalgic and outfitted with basic modern conveniences – came by his pro-cannabis stance naturally.

“It comes from a couple different avenues,” he explains. “Most of my clientele seems to be cannabis friendly, which I am too. My daughter has a mild form of epilepsy, and we use medical cannabis there. The CBD has done wonders for her, so I’m kind of coming at it from two prongs and it’s just part of our world.”

The idea behind Jeff’s gypsy wagons is simple. “I needed a quiet place to think,” he says. “Everyone needs a quiet place to think. I needed to build gypsy wagons for everyone to go camping! That’s honestly how it started.”

From a business perspective, Jeff’s stance on cannabis evolved simply by filling a need. As more and more potential clients inquired about consuming cannabis in the wagons, he designated the Sun Salutation wagon as officially cannabis-friendly, with Teagan’s Treehouse soon to follow. And it’s right there on the website for everyone to see.

It makes perfect sense.

“One of the ideas, the driving force behind the wagons, it’s meant as a way for people to a, get out in nature, and b, be creative,” explains Jeff. “So it’s meant to be a creative process and if we can enhance that experience for people, all the better.”

From the gypsy clothing tucked inside one of the many clever storage compartments, to the paints left specifically so that renters can (and are encouraged to!) add their own artistic musings to these movable pieces of art, Jeff’s gypsy wagons are all about the experience. And for those who choose to indulge, cannabis can add another layer of inspiration, creativity, and whimsy to something that’s already quite magical.

“What I’ve done with the business in general, I haven’t had a really active game plan,” Jeff explains. “I’ve kind of let it evolve naturally. It’s supposed to be fun. [Cannabis] has been a part of my family’s life, so it became part of the business life.”

And so far, it’s working out beautifully. For a guy with a casual five-year plan, the gears are moving. “I would like to evolve to the point, you know, you go to a hotel and they leave a mint on the pillow. I’d love to leave an edible on the pillow one day.”

And that kind of thinking is exactly why we’re pleased to introduce Jeff as one of our newest creative ambassadors. For more information on his Gypsy Getaway Wagons, visit him online.