Cannabis Consumption Lounges in Nevada — Get Ready!

Wait and you shall receive. Lawmakers in Nevada have approved the cannabis lounge in an effort to give tourists a place to legally consume, among other motivations. And that’s in addition to a bevy of other changes! Here’s what’s coming.

AB341 Officially Authorizes Cannabis Consumption Lounges

Tourist consumption has been an ongoing dilemma since recreational cannabis passed. Tourists can buy cannabis at dispensaries, but where are they supposed to consume it? AB341 solves this head scratcher by providing for the licensing and regulation of up to 20 independent cannabis consumption lounges and 20 retail consumption lounges by the Cannabis Compliance Board. It’s also a way to help increase diversity in Nevada’s cannabis business owners, who are disproportionately white and male. The first ten lounge licenses must be issued to social equity applicants, though the definition of those applicants is left up the CDB to decide.

It’s still early days, but both the retail and independent lounges will likely drive new ideas in the cannabis space. We’re picturing tasting rooms, cannabis and food pairings, maybe video games? The sky is the limit!

Other changes includes the official legalization of curbside pickup, a practice adopted during the pandemic, extra health and safety training for cannabis dispensary, cultivation and production facility employees, reduced penalties for minors in possession of cannabis, and the “pot for pets” bill, which authorizes licensed veterinarians to administers products with CBD and to recommend the use of these products to pet owners. 

The licensing of cannabis events was also touched upon, though the measure didn’t receive a hearing. These “micro licenses” would be for cannabis events where products can be sold and consumed. Think food festivals, but with cannabis. A sign of things still to come, perhaps?

Please remember, with all of these new possibilities on the horizon, responsible cannabis consumption is even more important. Keep cannabis out of the reach of children. Cannabis is for use only by adults 21 years of age and older.

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