Cannabis-Infused Honey — The Perfect Sweetener

Cannabis infusions are so much fun, and this one in particular is pretty sweet. Cannabis-infused honey is an excellent sweetener than works beautifully mixed into muffins, smoothies, and tea, or drizzled over cheese and nuts. Plus, it’s a snap to make. Here’s how to whip up some cannabis-infused honey.

But First — Decarbing

The process of decarboxylating is critical. Without decarbed cannabis flower, you’re using an inactive product. And that defeats the purpose entirely. Fortunately, decarbing isn’t too difficult.  Leafly has a great tutorial with three ways to do it.

Once you have your cannabis ready to go, you’ll need 3.5 grams of it and 1 cup of honey. Combine them in a double boiler (or just use a bowl that fits tightly over the top of a pot filled with gently simmering water). Simmer over low heat for about 40 minutes. Note that the honey shouldn’t boil here, just maintain that gentle simmer. Then allow to cool.

Meanwhile, prep your jar. You’ll need a strainer and some cheesecloth if you have it. Pour the cooled honey/cannabis into the cheesecloth funnel and let it strain on its own. Your fresh, infused honey will keep in a cool, dark spot for a few months, so enjoy it!

A Word about Potency

You probably already know that infused edibles are a whole different ball game when it comes to potency. Variables like the potency of your flower and the cooking process itself will impact the final product. You can test it out for a general idea of the potency of your infused honey by trying a small amount — one quarter or one half of a teaspoon or so. Give it an hour and then assess how you feel. Use that as a gauge to determine appropriate dosing when you use your infused honey as a sweetener.

Infused honey is particularly nice when you need something warm and comforting, so make plans to make yours soon. As always, keep it well away from children and pets, and always enjoy responsibly.

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