Cannabis is a Secret Weapon Against Chapped Winter Skin

Any beauty website will tell you the secret weapon to glowing skin is hydration. And okay, yeah, that’s true to that some extent. But by the time you’re dealing with dry, itchy, chapped skin, you’re going to need a little more than water to make things right. And that’s when cannabis saves the day. The fact is, cannabis-infused topicals are a secret weapon against chapped winter skin. Here’s why.

The Science Bit

Winter months often mean cold, dry weather — the kind that sucks up the moisture in your skin, leaving it scaly, itchy, red, and chapped. If you’re heavy into hand washing these days, as we all are, you’re probably dealing with raw knuckles at the very least. But dry, irritated skin can strike anywhere. And a good cannabis-infused topical adds a protective layer and immediate relief. In addition to coating that exposed skin with a moisture layer, the cannabinoids in that kicked-up lotion, balm, salve, or spray are soothing to inflammation and get right to work with damage repair.

Topicals are particularly effective because of the method of delivery. The skin is full of CB2 receptors, and you can remedy dry skin on the spot — wherever you apply it is where you’ll get relief.

Plus, You Have Options

Whether your preference is a potent balm (ahem), a traditional lotion, a thick cream, or a point-and-shoot spray, cannabis topicals come in multiple options. The key is opting for a topical that’s made by a brand you know and trust, with high-quality ingredients. 

Our version is an all-natural healing salve designed to address a range of skin issues, along with joint and muscle tenderness. It’s a soothing blend of ingredients specifically chosen for their anti-inflammatory, cell production-boosting, pain-relieving properties, and it works a treat on everything from menstrual cramps and general aches and pains to headaches and — you guessed it — chapped winter skin.

Ask your favorite budtender for the KYND Balm next time you hit up the dispensary, or check out what’s available at your local. Either way, your skin will thank you.

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