Cannabis Topicals for All

Cannabis consumption has come a long way. Sure, you can still smoke it, but tinctures, vapes, and sophisticated chocolates have changed the industry for good. Topicals are another method of consumption that deserve attention. The cannabis topical is a safe, accessible, and effective way to enjoy targeted relief from pain and inflammation, and all without a bong or joint in sight.

What It Is & How It Works

A cannabis topical is an infused lotion, balm, oil, or spray. Cannabinoids in the topical are absorbed through the skin, where they bind to CB2 receptors located in muscle tissue. Unlike smoking, cannabinoids applied topically (with the exception of trans-dermal patches) can’t reach the bloodstream. That means no psychoactivity – no head high – which may be appealing to novice users or anyone looking to keep their wits about them.

Just Apply for Relief

Application of a cannabis topical is simple. It goes wherever you’re seeking localized pain relief. Aching wrists? A tender calf muscle? Abdominal cramps? A good cannabis topical can address them all. Some topicals go even further. They can be strain-specific, harnessing the terpene and cannabinoid profile of the individual plant, or rounded out with additional ingredients for more relief.

The KYND Balm is a great example. It’s a potent blend of shea, cocoa and mango butters, essential oils, MCT oil, and premium cannabis oil. Together, this powerhouse salve can be used for a range of skin, muscle, and joint health issues. We’ve heard from fans who use it for post-workout recovery, arthritis and joint pain, menstrual cramps, persistent skin conditions, even headaches.

At this time, there are no peer-reviewed studies, but the anecdotal evidence surrounding the efficacy of cannabis topicals is significant. If you find yourself reaching for OTC painkillers after a workout, for your bum knee, or to get rid of that ongoing back pain, a cannabis topical may be a smart alternative. Ask your budtender for the KYND Balm, and let us know how it goes!

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