What’s Better – Smoking or Vaping?

If you think of one thing when consuming cannabis comes up – and it’s smoking – it’s time to learn a little more about vaping. Here’s how vaping works and why it’s a safer, more effective option than lighting all of your premium cannabis on fire. Read more


Cannabis 101: What’s the Deal with CO2 Extraction?

If you’ve spent any time exploring the Kynd website, you’ve likely read about our supercritical CO2-extraction process. Ever wondered what that is, or how CO2 and BHO extractions differ? Well, wonder no more. Read more


Cannabis and the Jewelry Maker

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before – the average cannabis user is a grungy, lazy slacker with no work ethic. While the stoner stereotype may have its place in Hollywood (along with the reefer madness propaganda of the 20s and 30s), the cannabis industry is working tirelessly to challenge perceptions about the kinds of people who use cannabis products – and for what reasons they consume. Read more


Do’s & Don’t’s for Proper Cannabis Storage

Do’s & Don’t’s for Proper Cannabis Storage Keeping cannabis properly stored isn’t just the responsible thing to do. It’s the best way to maintain the aroma, flavor, consistency, and color of your stash. Here’s a handy list of do’s and don’t’s that will help you keep light, air, and moisture – the three main culprits of cannabis degradation – from ruining your cannabis.


Cannabis and Cancer – Does One Help the Other?

The cannabis plant has been used medicinally around the world for centuries, and that continues to be the case despite current political and legal hurdles. While it isn’t recognized as a treatment for cancer or any other medical condition by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (and is currently still classified as a Schedule I controlled substance, meaning it can’t be legally prescribed, possessed, or sold under federal law), there are a number of small studies and plenty of anecdotal evidence that point to cannabis’ efficacy against certain cancer symptoms.

Fortunately, the use of medicinal cannabis is legal under state law in 29 states, plus Washington, D.C., and people residing in these parts of the country are able to benefit from cannabis use. Those with cancer in particular, can find relief from a number of symptoms. Read more


Four Benefits of Cannabis for Skincare

There’s a stereotype about the average pot smoker, and it’s not especiallly flattering. That makes this exploding cannabis beauty trend all the more amusing. The truth is, the more people learn about cannabis, the more the stigma and stereotypes begin to fade. Here’s why cannabis is becoming a popular option for skincare. Read more


The Running World has a New Cannabis-Sponsored Athlete

Competitive running – and cannabis? It may seem a little counter-intuitive at first glance, but David Barbano is living proof that there’s a powerful connection.

The South Lake Tahoe resident and cannabis activist is a short-distance runner with a wildly impressive record. After jumping into his very first race in 2012 with zero training – a grueling seven miler with a 3000-foot vertical climb – David was physically spent. And mentally hooked. Read more


A Cannabis-Infused Mother’s Day

All moms deserve to be spoiled on Mother’s Day. And for the veteran cannabis moms or those looking for alternatives to traditional stress-busters, we have a few suggestions. Read on for our ideas to make this a cannabis-infused Mother’s Day. Read more


Moms and Cannabis – Ditching the Stigma

Question – why does society encourage the cliche of boozy moms, but collectively clutch pearls when a mom’s chosen method of relaxation involves cannabis? Clearly, the current federal classification of cannabis isn’t helping, but why does this hypocrisy still stand in states that have legalized cannabis medically and recreationally?

Whatever the reason, one thing is true. As cannabis gradually becomes socially acceptable, more and more mothers are finding relief from everything from menstrual cramps to anxiety. And they’re doing it with cannabis. Because we get it – motherhood is hard. But instead of a glass (or three) of your go-to chardonnay, here’s how cannabis might be a smarter option. Read more


The Surprising Benefits of Cannabis for Breakfast

If cannabis in the morning doesn’t sound like the best way to start your day, think again. Adding CBD to a breakfast smoothie can be just the ticket to starting the day off with a nutritional boost full of antioxidants, fatty acids, terpenes, minerals, and essential vitamins. Here’s why a daily dose of CBD is worth considering, plus a simple smoothie recipe from one of our own (thanks, David!). Read more