KYND on CannaCribs

We had the very distinct pleasure of being featured on a recent episode of CannaCribs, a platform dedicated to elevating cannabis and growers through deep dives into the operations around the world. Each episode is a seed-to-sale experience that begins with genetics and moves through plant lifecycles into propagation, vegetation, flowering, curing, trimming, and packaging, before wrapping up with a local dispensary visit to buy the finished product. KYND was the star of season’s two eighth episode, and it was pretty cool. Read more


KYND Write-Up at MYNT Dispensary

Our favorite downtown (and north) dispensary, MYNT, is running a new vendor spotlight series, and big news. KYND has the honor of being the very first company profiled. It was an opportunity to tell them allll about ourselves, and well, we’re blushing after reading the whole thing. Read on for a few excerpts, but make sure to jump over and read the post in full. Read more


KYND Strain Spotlight: Alien Sour Apple

We shared recently that we really put our heads down and got to work during the pandemic, with all kinds of fruit to show for our effort. Alien Sour Apple is one of them. If you’re a fan of Apple Fritter, allow us to introduce you to its sweet and sour sister strain. Read more


KYND Strains Spotlight — Meet Aussie Blues, Donny Burger and Cement Shoes

Not to toot our own horn, but KYND has earned a bit of a reputation for our cultivating prowess — and we have the diehard fans to prove it. While 2020 was sticking it to the world at large, we were hard at work (fully masked, gloved and socially distanced, of course) growing all kinds of amazing new flower. Here’s a small sampling of the strains we grew in 2020 — meet Aussie Blues, Donny Burger and Cement Shoes. Read more


Cannabis as Self-Care — Three Products to Try During Self-Isolation

We’re living through a historical moment these days, and it’s taking a toll. Financial worries, concerns about the virus itself, and the act of social-distancing are probably manifesting in some low-level stress and anxiety at the very least. But a little self-care go a long way. And cannabis happens to be an excellent place to start. Get started with cannabis as a form of self care and give these three products a whirl during self-isolation. Read more


3 Must-Try Products for the Cannabis Connoisseur

Last week, we tackled the interesting topic of the cannabis connoisseur – that particularly sophisticated, mature version of the cannabis user. For this cannabis enthusiast, it’s as much about the flavors and aromas as it is about the effects and longevity. In other words, it’s cannabis, all grown up. And we’re here for it. In the spirit of celebrating those of you who are all about a premium stash, here are three must-try products for the cannabis connoisseur. Read more


Cannabis Legalization Bills Filed at the Federal Level

On Tuesday of this week, California Senator Kamala Harris introduced legislation to decriminalize and tax cannabis on a federal level. Although we have a small quibble with the slang used in the bill’s name – something that’s actually addressed in the bill itself – we are totally on board with the effort. Read more


Cannabis and NF – A Patient’s Story

Kynd Cannabis Company got its start crafting premium cannabis products intended to benefit medical patients in need of therapeutic alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals. And while we’ve branched into concentrations for adult-use needs and interests, we continue to proudly develop the medicines so many people need. That’s why we love hearing stories like the one shared by Chris Tennier. Her son, Dillon, has a genetic disorder called neurofibromatosis (NF). Here’s how cannabis has helped. Read more


A Review of Kynd’s CBD Tincture

As a content writer, I’m no stranger to neck tension. No matter how committed I am to maintaining good posture, using an elevated workspace, taking breaks, and downing all the water, the muscles and ligaments in the back of my neck and along my shoulders often start to tighten by the end of the day. On bad days, that tension turns into a headache, and that’s when I reach for the ibuprofen. Until the day I decided to try Kynd’s CBD tincture instead. Hilariously, it felt like a crazy leap of faith at the time. Now I just wonder what took me so long. Read more


Kynd Cannabis Drops Four New Strains

One of our greatest joys here at Kynd is creating amazing new hybrid strains. It’s a labor of love, with a lot of refining and tweaking and testing. But it’s worth all the work in the end, when we get to share the fruits of our labor. We’re thrilled to introduce Starburst, Hushbreath, 3P and Mr Widow. Let’s go into a bit of detail about them, shall we? Read more