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How to Store Just About Every Kind of Cannabis Product

Proper storage can make or break your cannabis experience, and stashing your stash means understanding the unique needs of each product. Luckily, we’re making it easy with this guide. Here’s how to store just about every kind of cannabis product. Read more


How to Decode that Lab Results Label on Your Favorite Cannabis Product

When you buy cannabis products from your favorite dispensary, it comes labeled with lab results. And that’s a good thing. Third-party lab results are important for confirming a product’s safety, purity, and potency. Depending on where you’re buying your cannabis, that label may be limited, lengthy, or accompanied by a QR code so you can access the full certificate of analysis. Either way, here’s how to decode that lab results label on your favorite cannabis product. Read more


Five Tips for Coming Down After a Bad High

The realization that you’ve consumed a wee bit too much cannabis is never fun. And no matter how it happened—over-indulging edibles because you’re too impatient, going back for one too many hits, or trying a particularly potent concentrate for the first time—you’re only thinking about what you can do to get through it. We got you! Here are five tips for coming down after a bad high beyond the standard, “don’t panic, you aren’t dying” advice. Read more


Two Cannabis-Infused Recipes You Need This Summer

We’re all-in on summer this year, and what better way to enjoy the heat than with that classic summer delight – the popsicle? Actually, there is a better way, and we’ve found it. Read on an infused popsicle recipe and the kitchen staple you’ll be making allll summer long (spoiler – it’s infused simple syrup). Read more


Is Cannabis a Cure-All for Stress?

Stress is a more common than not for most people these days, and many of us go looking for ways to manage it. More people are looking to cannabis as an option, but before you dive in, it’s important to clarify – cannabis isn’t a cure-all for stress. But for some people, and in the right amounts, it can really help. Read more


Terpene Spotlight – Eucalyptol

In our terpene spotlight, we’ve done deep dives into those aromatic little compounds found in all plants, including cannabis. We’ve covered limonene, myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene, and terpinoleneand we’re back today to discuss eucalytpol. Read more


Three Tips for Enjoying Cannabis this Summer

It’s alllllmost summer, and we can’t wait. The world is slowly reopening after the pandemic, and we’re already looking forward to enjoying cannabis with friends again. Here’s the thing – cannabis consumption during the summer is different than what works other times of the year. It’s nothing crazy, but we want you to get the most out of your experience. Here are three tips for enjoying cannabis this summer. Read more


This is What Canna-Curious Moms Want for Mother’s Day

All moms deserve to be spoiled on Mother’s Day (May 9 – don’t forget). And we have a few suggestions for the canna-curious moms out there. Read more


You Need this Cannabis-Infused Pesto in Your Life

It’s spring, and we’re jonesing for some sunny days and time outside. And since all that fresh air is going to make us hungry, we’re also looking for fresh spring recipes – infused, of course! We did a little digging for a quick, easy, amazing cannabis-infused recipe, and we’re proud to bring you this one courtesy of the 420 Foodie Club. Trust us – you need this cannabis-infused pesto in your life. Read more


How are Cannabinoids and Terpenes Different?

Terpenes are renowned for the distinctive flavors and aromas they bring to cannabis (and plants in general), but what makes them different from cannabinoids? Read on, and learn.

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