The (Chocolate) Cherry on Top – A New Edible from Kynd Cannabis Company

First came the dark and milk chocolates.

Then came the caramel truffles.

So what’s next in the KYND line of premium infused edibles?

Let’s just say it’s the (chocolate) cherry on top.

Introducing Kynd’s Chocolate Cherries – a luscious blend of buttercream, rich chocolate and a sweet Maraschino cherry, with an infusion of premium cannabis.

It’s the latest indulgence to come from the sweet partnership between Kynd Cannabis Company and a local gourmet chocolatier. And it may be the most decadent yet.

How We’re Making Them

Our handcrafted chocolate cherries are individually rolled in a cannabis-infused buttercream, and then dipped in rich Belgian chocolate. It’s a gourmet treat with an enjoyably long-lasting affect.

Potency & Where to Buy

Each cherry is infused with 15mg of premium THC and sold in singles or packs of four. Right now, our cherries can only be purchased at MYNT, Reno’s downtown dispensary.

Chocolate Cherry Effects & Dosing

Those indulging can expect effects to come on gradually for a relaxing, longer-lasting effect.

As with all infused edibles, it’s important to follow dosage recommendations. Enjoy one chocolate cherry and wait at least 60 minutes before increasing the dose.

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