Classic Summer Recipes — Supercharged with Cannabis

What’s summer without a tall glass of freshly-squeezed lemonade or an ooey, gooey s’more? If the kid in you loves these summer treats, we’re sharing recipes that grown-up you will adore. That’s because — you guessed it — these classic summer recipes are supercharged with cannabis. That makes them totally off limits to any youngsters out there, so please prepare and enjoy these responsibly.

CBD-Infused Lemonade

We went looking for infused lemonade recipes that ran the gamut from simple to say whaaat!? And, well, we think we hit the jackpot.

This boozy strawberry version starts off strong, combining fresh lemon juice, sliced strawberries, and simple syrup. Things get a little wild with the addition of cannabis-infused vodka. Give it a go, and report back here directly.

We’re digging this classic strawberry lemonade recipe too, though you can ditch the strawberries if you’re a purist. Use the Kynd CBD tincture for the all-important infusion, and enjoy the many benefits of CBD in a delicious summer treat.

Infused S’mores

Making cannabis-infused s’mores could not be any easier. There are no additions, just a simple substitution — swap out that plain ol’ chocolate bar for an infused version and proceed accordingly. Gather those graham crackers, marshmallows and skewers, and get ready for bliss. You have a lot of leeway here, so choose your infused chocolate wisely. You can opt for THC or CBD versions of this classic treat, but keep in mind the golden rule of edibles — start low and go slow. Keep some non-infused chocolate handy so you can truly enjoy without overdoing it on the cannabis.

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