Dab OilThe Clear Advantages of Dabbing Supercritical Hash Oil

Kynd Sap Supercritical Hash Oil is a purified whole plant concentrate extracted using a closed loop supercritical CO2 fluid extraction system. Produced exclusively in Kynd’s state of the art processing laboratory in Northern Nevada, Kynd Sap is a clean, consistent alternative to standard hydrocarbon extractions. Because CO2 is an inert gas that leaves no trace or residuals, more and more patients who require high potency medicine are discovering why CO2 extractions present a more healthful approach to dabbing and vaping. In fact, supercritical CO2 fluid extraction purifies contaminants while selecting for only the best parts of the plant to make medicine.

While there are many Butane and Propane producers making award winning concentrates, even small changes in their technique from batch to batch can leave aficionados disappointed with their wax and shatter products. This makes it harder for patients to rely on their medicine. For patients concerned with heavy metal residuals or the neurotoxins that can present when inhaling improperly purged extracts, CO2 oils become a solid alternative with real benefits. Furthermore, Kynd Sap’s purification method includes Ethanol winterization and high purity filtration methods that help bring to life the signature sappy consistency without excessive waxes or paraffin associated with lower grade crumbles or honeycomb products.

Until now, some CO2 waxes and dap products had little flavor and an inconsistent reception from the dabbing community. Kynd Sap has changed all that by producing a clean, consistently potent and flavorful medicine. Kynd’s research laboratory has leveraged over 4 years of product development and refinement to create a new kind of Supercritical Hash Oil that packs the punch of a BHO while meeting the health and quality standards of the solvent-less ice wax and Rosin communities. In fact, Kynd Sap even has clear advantages over other products claiming to be clean and consistent because Kynd will never use artificial terpenes to replace what harsher extraction methods strip out of the plant. Kynd Sap is simply great oil with fantastic effects.

Each Kynd Sap batch is blended over a series of full flower and trim runs, providing customers with a full plant profile in every tasty dab. Much like its popular BHO cousin “Live Resin,” Kynd Sap is able to bring patients the benefits of the whole cannabis plant extraction, and our propriety methods for ensuring a pristine hash oil with full expression of cannabinoids and terpenes leverages flowers and plant materials across entire harvest batches to guarantee that each aspect of every strain shines through. Of course, all great concentrates stem from stellar source materials and the broad range of high potency and therapeutic flowers from Kynd’s craft cultivators make all the difference when it comes to producing superior cannabis products targeted for full spectrum patient satisfaction.

  • Here are some important things to remember about Kynd Sap Supercritical Hash Oil:

    ·        Supercritical CO2 creates truly solvent free extractions
    ·        Kynd Sap is unlike other CO2 dab products on the market
    ·        Kynd Sap is a whole plant extraction with whole plant terpene profiles
    ·        Always dab at low temps! We recommend settings between 535 – 600 degrees F on an e-nail.
    ·        With Kynd Sap, a little goes a long way – patients report strong, lasting effects from Kynd Sap using as little as half of the amount usually needed for a BHO dab.
    ·        Consistent potency, flavor, and effect – because our flowers are Kynd, so are our concentrates!
    ·        While Kynd Sap won’t ever “chud” or “auto-butter,” it’s still best to keep Kynd Sap refrigerated for terpene preservation.