David Barbano

David Barbano

Short-Distance Runner
If the true test of authenticity comes from working to educate people even when it comes at no personal benefit to you, David Barbano is the real deal. To him, cannabis is a healer, plain and simple. That’s what he’s been telling people for years, at his races and on his social media channels. This is a guy who walks the walk and talks the talk simply because of his own convictions.

“There are so many people who just need to understand what it can do,” he explains. “I want to make that first step to help generations to come.”



The short-distance runner started racing in 2012, after finding a flyer at work. Two weeks later, he won his first 5k and in the six years since, David has entered back-to-back races nearly every month. And he’s in podium position for his age group almost every time.

Between cannabis for race prep and recovery and his arduous training at an altitude of more than 6,000 feet, the fifty-year-old athlete is establishing himself as someone worth watching. And as an ardent supporter of the wonders of cannabis, he’s worth listening to as well.