Do Cannabis Edibles Have a Shelf Life?

This is a crazy time, and if you’ve been to the grocery store recently, you know first-hand that hoarding tendencies are running rampant. People like to stock up in a panic and in addition to toilet paper and hand sanitizer, you may also be ordering a whole lot of cannabis edibles these days. It’s a smart alternative to smoking right now, but it also may have you wondering whether cannabis edibles have a shelf life. Hey, good question.

Are Edibles Perishable?

When cannabis is infused properly into a food item, it shouldn’t impact the shelf life of that item in any way. That means a chocolate bar will be shelf-stable for, say, a year, and so too should the infused version.

Still, there are best practices to make sure you’re enjoying an edible at its best:

  • Get in the habit of checking expiration dates before you indulge
  • Store your edibles stash in order of “best-by” dates so you don’t inadvertently miss out on the best flavors and textures
  • Follow directions for proper storage to ensure potency

For many people, that’s the big question. There’s a reason you’re eating an infused treat, after all, and potency is likely part of it. If you stock up on edibles of the next few months, will the stuff you eat last work as well as the fresh goodies? Good news. That expiration date is specific to the food itself, not the cannabinoids with which it’s infused. THC and CBD specifically have slow degradation window. As long as you’re storing it properly, you have about six months before the efficacy of THC begins to fade, and it’s much longer with CBD.

So feel free to call up a dispensary like Mynt for delivery of your favorite cannabis edibles. If you’re sick of baking — hey, we get it! — stocking up on some infused goodies is a good idea. The hard part will probably be making them last!

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