Does Cannabis Ever Go Bad?

At some point or another, most cannabis users have wondered whether cannabis ever goes bad. Maybe you’ve noticed the packing date on the flower you just bought from the dispensary, or you stumbled onto an old stash you had safely stored away. Here’s the lowdown on cannabis and its expiration date, plus our tips for storing your stash properly.

It Doesn’t Technically Go Bad, But…

While cannabis doesn’t every really go bad in the way that milk sours, improper storage will definitely have an impact on its potency. Cannabis that has lost its mojo is dry, brittle, and lackluster in aroma and flavor. What’s more, that dry old cannabis can be rough on the inhale. In humid climates, poor storage habits can mean moldy cannabis, which brings a host of potential problems.

The good news is that storing cannabis properly isn’t too difficult, and it can keep your stash fresh and potent for months — even years. We recommend these three keys to proper cannabis storage.

  • Opt for glass or ceramic containers.

Forget the zippy bag — it’s not airtight, and you’ll end up with a bag full of crumbly cannabis. Glass or ceramic jars with air-tight seals will help ensure a proper air/moisture balance as well as prolonging shelf life. But avoid clear containers. Light is the biggest culprit in degradation to your flower’s cannabinoids, so opt for something opaque. Choose a container that’s small enough to avoid excess oxygen but not so small that it crowds the buds. If you want to keep your cannabis stored for longer than six months, vacuum sealing is your best bet.

  • Store sealed cannabis somewhere dry, dark, and cool.

Protect those cannabinoid by keeping your sealed containers away from excessive light, heat, or moisture. Ideally, you can stash it somewhere below 78 degrees. But forget the fridge or the freezer — the first is likely too moist and the cold freezer temperatures are tough on trichomes, reducing potency.

  • Opt for a locked box.

A locked safety box designed specifically for cannabis will not only regulate light and temperature, it’s the responsible thing to do. Get a box, and keep your stash safely stored away from kids or pets. Ask a budtender for a recommendation.

The Takeaway

Proper cannabis storage is the key to ensuring potency and quality. Once you get into the habit of storing your stash properly, it’s easy to keep your cannabis in great shape.

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