Do’s & Don’t’s for Proper Cannabis Storage

Keeping cannabis properly stored isn’t just the responsible thing to do. It’s the best way to maintain the aroma, flavor, consistency, and color of your stash. Here’s a handy list of do’s and don’t’s that will help you keep light, air, and moisture – the three main culprits of cannabis degradation – from ruining your cannabis.

Cannabis Storage Don’t’s

Don’t store flower in the fridge. It may seem like a logical way to control temperature and humidity – and it’s actually a good spot for edibles and concentrates – but think about how many times that door opens and closes in a day. The result is a fluctuating climate that may even increase chances of mildew and mold on flower. The freezer is even worse – the extremely cold temperature makes trichomes brittle and prone to breakage.

Don’t store near appliances or electronics that emit heat. And keep in mind that heat rises, so the cupboard above the fridge is a bad idea, too.

Don’t store with pipes, grinders, or other cannabis accessories. Leftover ash and resin from cannabis that’s already been burned is odorous and will contaminate everything around it.

Cannabis Storage Do’s

Do use containers with a neutral charge. Glass jars are a great choice, as they can be vacuum sealed to keep oxygen exposure to a minimum.

Do keep out of direct sunlight in a place that’s both cool and dry.

Do separate strains. This will help preserve respective flavor and aroma profiles.

Do ask your budtender about new storage options. There are lots of great products to make proper cannabis storage a breeze. Here in Nevada, all dispensaries are required to make lockable storage options available for purchase. Plus, all dispensaries must also provide childproof bags, known as exit bags, to patrons as they leave. In a pinch, these are good options for storage at home.

Above all, do keep cannabis safely stored out of the reach of children.