Ending this Crazy Year on a High

While it’s safe to say that 2020 didn’t exactly go as planned for the world at large, KYND still managed to have its share of highlights over the last twelve months. As we bid adieu to the craziest year on record, we’re taking a minute to end it all on a high.

More Strains, More Rooms, More Production

In spite of its many, many drawbacks, the pandemic gave us an opportunity to hunker down and do what we do best. We managed to more than double our strain list, with Donny Burger, Maitai Zkittlecake and First Class Funk all emerging as standouts. If you haven’t tried them yet, we highly recommend that you remedy that asap!

We bumped up production this year too, moving from 15 to 25 flower rooms — much-needed space for our team to cultivate over 1000 pounds of cannabis for the fine state of Nevada. We’re also proud to mention that our team followed health department recommendations to the letter, which is probably why we avoided any major breakouts of covid-19. Isolated incidences were quickly managed, and any team member who tested positive was given two weeks’ paid leave to get better.

Environcann Certification — Yes!

It’s one thing for KYND to follow the very best practices for cultivating premium cannabis. But it’s another entirely for a third-party organization to certify our processes. KYND earned Envirocann certification this year, which means our patients and customers know without a doubt that our cannabis meets the industry’s highest standards. We’re pretty proud of this one.

To Our Team

None of this works without all of you, and as we wrap up the weirdest, most challenging, most isolating, most difficult year in memory, we’re saying thank you to the KYND team for all you do. Here’s to spreading KYNDness into the new year and beyond!

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