Everything You Need to Know about Cannabis Tinctures

In the cannabis world, the tincture may be one of the most under appreciated methods of consumption. But we think that’s just because people don’t realize how efficient, quick and precise this delivery method really is. Read on for everything you need to know about cannabis tinctures.

First – What is a Tincture?

A tincture is a liquid extract made from herbs that you ingest by mouth. Herbal tinctures are a great way to both preserve and concentrate an herb’s properties, making them more effective and longer lasting.

Cannabis is no exception.

Most cannabis tinctures are, in essence, infused alcohol – cannabis extracts preserved in an alcohol base. Taking this concoction sublingually – a few drops placed beneath the tongue – means the rapid onset of effects that peak in about 90 minutes and then linger anywhere from four to eight hours, dose-depending. Tinctures can also be swallowed or added to foods like smoothies, puddings, dressings and sauces. Just like any infused edible, results can take up to two hours to begin working.

Tincture Use & Benefits

A tincture’s effects are dependent upon the cannabis strain used to make it. We have patients who use Kynd tinctures for everything from inducing sleep, managing pain, nausea and anxiety, reducing seizures, stimulating appetite and more.

Avoiding combustion is critical for some patients, and tinctures allow them to enjoy the medical benefits without the burn. They have fewer calories than infused edibles, and they store easily with an incredibly long shelf life. In some instances, tinctures can last for years. Tinctures can also be ingested discreetly and easily, and they’re easy to effectively self-dose.

Ease of use also makes tinctures especially handy for anyone who takes regular doses of cannabis throughout the day.

DIY Tinctures?

A quick online search for cannabis tinctures reveals no shortage of recipes for whipping up your own. Homemade tinctures can be tricky, as both alcohol and alcohol flames are flammable. Assuming you account for this and you have the patience and interest to forge ahead, making your own tincture is an option.

But before you do that, consider Kynd’s selection of premium tinctures. We offer a 100 mg THC, a 300 mg CBD, a 300 mg THC (available to medical patients only), a 2:1 CBD to THC and, coming soon, a 500 mg THC tincture. All of the CBD used in our tinctures is grown locally in northern Nevada, and we never use industrial hemp of any kind. No matter what tincture you’re considering, make sure to inquire about CBD sources first.

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