Five Tips for Coming Down After a Bad High

The realization that you’ve consumed a wee bit too much cannabis is never fun. And no matter how it happened—over-indulging edibles because you’re too impatient, going back for one too many hits, or trying a particularly potent concentrate for the first time—you’re only thinking about what you can do to get through it. We got you! Here are five tips for coming down after a bad high beyond the standard, “don’t panic, you aren’t dying” advice.

Hydrate ASAP

Cold water is best, but juice will work in a pinch. Try to avoid anything caffeinated or alcoholic (obviously), and focus on the acts of sipping and swallowing. Eating something light can also be helpful, since it gives you a familiar action on which to focus.

Try Black Pepper or Lemons

Sniffing or even chewing on black peppercorns or lemon slices can be a quick fix. Chalk it up to the heavy hit of anxiety-reducing terpenes!

Make a Nest

Creating a quiet, soothing place on the sofa or in your bed—someplace safe and familiar—is another good idea. Take deep, slow breaths in through the nose and out of your mouth to help yourself calm down.

Hop in the Shower or Tub

Like the tip above, this is only feasible if you’re at home or a good friend’s house. But if you have the option, relaxing in a warm shower or soaking in the tub can both be good ways to relax while you wait for effects to wear off.

Find a Distraction

If you just need to occupy your mind until you feel better, try a favorite movie or television show, turn on some music, or play a video or board game. Whatever you do, opt for something low-key and familiar.

Bonus Tips

Some people find success popping an ibuprofen, and there is some evidence that it may be useful in reducing effects of THC.

Above all, it’s important to remember that cannabis highs don’t last forever, and that no one has ever died from a cannabis overdose. So while feeling too high has its share of not-awesome symptoms, like feeling panicked, anxious, confused, downright paranoid—and you could be way sweatier than usual—you won’t feel this way forever.

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