Four Ways Cannabis Boosts Productivity

For many, cannabis is intrinsically linked to relaxation, even lethargy. How else would a term like couch-lock crop up? But as cannabis continues its slow, steady march to legality state by state, people are becoming more sophisticated in their use. From medicinal to functional benefits, cannabis isn’t just for relaxing anymore. For you go-getters out there, here’s how cannabis boosts productivity.

The Four Foes of Productivity

Here’s the thing about being productive – there are ways to facilitate it, and there are ways to kill it. When you feel lacking in creativity, you have zero motivation, your attitude sucks, or you just don’t feel well, it’s understandably hard to get anything done.

But good news – cannabis can address these issues, opening the door for all kinds of list-checking, project-owning, getting-it-done productivity.

Cannabis Can Do That

  • Improve creativity – Science even says so. A 2011 study written about in Psychology Today put forward the idea that cannabis produces psychotomimetic symptoms, which can inspire connections between unrelated concepts. To put it another way, cannabis helps us think differently and approach challenges from different angles. In other words, it helps us think creatively.
  • Reduce anxiety and tension – We’ve written before about cannabis’ effect on anxiety. Reducing anxiety directly related to work or distractions from home that are preventing your ability to focus makes it easier to get stuff done.
  • Minimize pain and discomfort – Headaches? Aching back? Menstrual cramps? It’s kind of tough to focus when you’re struggling through physical discomfort.
  • Dangle a carrot – Ahh, the old reward system. Motivation is often instrumental in boosting productivity, and knowing that a favorite edible or other cannabis treat is waiting can be the difference between procrastination and progress.

Choosing the right cannabis strain is essential when the goal is improved productivity. Indicas have many strengths but should be avoided when getting stuff done is the goal. Instead, opt for an energizing Sativa-dominant strain. Good options include Chemdawg, MTF, and Sour Diesel.

The Bottom Line

If you’re considering cannabis as a way of boosting your productivity, the same rules apply. Ask a budtender for a recommendation, and be prepared for a bit of trial and error. The uptick in focus, energy, and productivity when you hit the right combination of strain and consumption method will make it all worthwhile.

Obligatory (and obvious) reminder to use good judgment – don’t medicate before driving, operating heavy machinery, or doing any activities in which being absolutely clear-headed is a must. Safety first, folks!

Keep out of reach of children. For adult use 21 years of age or older.